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PC's Julie Pinson Checks In

By Jenifer BarendTrauma.

Drama. Break-ups, make-ups... and another break-up. New friends, mysterious strangers, proposals from sworn enemies that come from out of the blue -- and now morning sickness! Dr. Eve Lambert has had plenty to deal with during her time in Port Charles, and no oneís happier about that than Julie Pinson, who relishes the four years sheís spent portraying her sometimes bitter, often sought-after (paging Ian, Kevin and Chris) alter ego. Curious about the turns that Eve will take in PCís latest -- and most hush-hush -- book yet, Digest Online quizzed Pinson about whatís next for Eve, how the actress has changed since the showís debut and why she loves life in Port Charles. As always, Pinson was bubbly, straightforward and eager to dish the details of her day-to-day life on set. Read on to find out if Ian and Eve will finally find happiness, why Pinson is more excited than ever about her work (itís killing her to keep key storylines under wraps because theyíre so good! she squeals more than once), why she got freaked out in the wardrobe department -- and what prompted the actress to dub herself the "luckiest girl in the world!"

Digest Online: How does it feel to be playing a pregnant character all of a sudden?!

Julie Pinson: Itís pretty darn foreign! [Laughs] Itís really interesting. I remember when I was in a fitting with the wardrobe people, I had to try on one of those bodysuits that has the cushion in the front, so itís a full bodysuit thing. Then I put some pregnancy clothes on over that, and it was the first time I ever saw what I would look like pregnant and it freaked me out. I said, "Get this thing off of me as soon as possible!" It was just really weird, you know? But Iíve gotten used to it now.

Digest Online: Have you been talking to friends who were pregnant to find out about morning sickness and everything else that goes along with pregnancy?

Pinson: Marie Wilson (Karen) [Laughs], who just had a baby. I see her on the set all the time, so I always ask her about that stuff and I kind of go with what she says. So Eve does whatever Marie Wilson did when she was pregnant.

Digest Online: What does this baby represent to Eve?

Pinson: I think itís a sign to her that everything is OK for now, for this moment, especially now that [Ianís] proposed and theyíre gonna get married. You know, supposedly everythingís fantastic. For now [Laughs].

Digest Online: Has your work changed now that PC is on a book format and you have shorter storyline arcs?

Pinson: It really hasnít [changed] that much, because I think that Eve and Ian have been a part of all the stories so far, so Iíve still been working quite a bit. But actually, within the last two weeks Iíve been pretty happy because Iíve had a couple of days off. With this "Tainted Love" storyline, Eve and Ian are gonna be pretty happy for a bit. Before we were working everyday, which was really great but also kind of exhausting. So Iím kind of liking this "Tainted Love" storyline so far!

Digest Online: Does it feel like a huge vacation that for now thereís no trauma for Eve and Ian -- though Iím sure itís soon to come!

Pinson: Oh, yeah, itíll come! But for now I think itís a nice change, instead of having to cry everyday. But now sheís pregnant so sheís still crying everyday! [Laughs]

Digest Online: Why do you think Ian is the man for Eve at this point in her life?

Pinson: Well, because itís just that full thing that punches you in the stomach. When you meet your soulmate you just know, I guess... from what people have told me [Laughs]. I think that when they went through all that time together on the island with the chief [Laughs] it kind of proved that they were meant to be together. And Eve knows with all her heart and all her soul that theyíre supposed to be together

Digest Online: How has your relationship with Thorsten [Kaye; Ian] developed as you guys have been working together

Pinson: Oh, my gosh, heís really cool! I love working with Thorsten, because nothingís ever too hard with him. He always makes things easy and we just love to joke around together. Itís almost like a brother/sister thing, you know? Itís just great. He makes me laugh and I love that. And I think thatís kind of how it is on the Port Charles set, anyway. I think itís a really fantastic crew and cast, and itís never hard. Iím just so lucky, you know?

Digest Online: At the beginning you were working more with Kin [Shriner; Scott] and Jon [Lindstrom; Kevin]. Do you miss the closeness that your character had with them?

Pinson: Yeah, I do, Ďcause Jon Lindstrom is one of the most phenomenal actors that Iíve ever worked with. I mean, I just love to watch him work. I just loved to see what was going on behind those eyes, and that was fascinating. That was really great, so I love it now when I have scenes with Jon. I miss that. And Kin is just a wack job! [Laughs] Heís always fun, and I still see Kin Ďcause weíre on the same lot and stuff. I see him all the time and we always go back to that rapport that we had at the beginning.

Digest Online: Did you think it was a quick transition from Eve and Kevin being a couple to Eve and Ian...?

Pinson: Oh, yeah! [Laughs] Sure! But I guess when you work on a dramatic daytime show, thatís what happens. I mean, weíre not talking about real life; weíre telling a story. Itís not fact, itís fiction, and I think that you canít stay in one place for too long on a soap opera because it gets boring. I mean, [the transition] was kind of interesting [Laughs], but hey -- I just do what Iím told!

Digest Online: Whatís been the fan reaction to that transition?

Pinson: Well, I think itís been favorable because I think there were a lot of fans that were still rooting for the Kevin and Lucy pairing, and then the fans saw the chemistry between Eve and Ian, and it made the transition that much easier for the fans.

Digest Online: So far, whatís your experience been like working with Michael Easton (Michael/Caleb)? The storyline so far is so interesting -- and itís only the beginning!

Pinson: Oh, my God! I think heís fantastic. I think heís absolutely fantastic. And Iíve been watching some of the air shows recently where Caleb has been introduced, and you just look at him and you go, "Wow. Oh my God, this is really good." Iím really excited about this storyline; I think itís gonna be fantastic. I mean, itís gonna be unlike anything youíve ever seen in daytime.

Digest Online: Iím sure that weíre gonna see Caleb cause some problems for Eve and Ian down the line. Is there anything you can tease about that, because I know you canít reveal too much!

Pinson: Oh, believe me, I know! [Laughs] Absolutely heís gonna cause trouble. Thatís why heís there, and I can only say that... I canít say anything [Laughs], so Iíll just state the obvious.

Digest Online: Like you said, itís so interesting to watch because heís such a presence on screen.

Pinson: Oh, my gosh! Itís fantastic. And itís really interesting, because I started working with him when he was just playing the priest and so I got used to him in that character, which is just mild-mannered and very sweet and loving and that kind of thing. And then all of a sudden when I started seeing him become Caleb, it was just such a great difference. Thereís such evil behind those eyes! Itís just great to see him transform.

Digest Online: Can you believe that the show is four years old at this point?

Pinson: Iím so glad! I"m so happy. Itís fantastic, and Iím really lucky that Iím still there, you know, that I still have this fantastic job. And I think that thereís a lot more to come, especially with this storyline. I think that this is really gonna catapult us. I know that when I was at the Emmys about a month ago, everyone was talking about this storyline and how hush-hush and top secret it was, and trying to figure out what was going to happen. I think itís fantastic when you get that kind of buzz. And it really is gonna be great [Laughs]. They keep it a secret from us too, but I kind of have an inkling of whatís coming up and itís just... Aah! Itís so cool.

Digest Online: How do you think your own work has changed over time as you look back and watch yourself on the show?

Pinson: I think that Eve has become more of... I guess you would call it a heroine. Sheís a lot more mellow. I did really enjoy Eve in the beginning, though. I thought she was very strong in the beginning, but she had a lot of hate in her [Laughs], which has now dissipated since she was with Kevin and Ian. I guess sheís grown like we all do in real life

Digest Online: Well, how do you think youíve grown in the time that youíve been on the show?

Pinson: I think that Iím a lot more confident. Now that theyíve allowed me to stay for four years and ABC has given me a lot of confidence, itís almost like Sally Field: "They like me! They really like me!" [Laughs] Iím happy that they still enjoy Eve and they always write such great stuff for her.

Digest Online: Are there qualities in the character that you think you relate to even more as Eve becomes more a part of you?

Pinson: Yeah, I think so. Iíve always played Eve as part of Julie. I think that every actor has to put a part of themselves into the character that they play because it makes them more human and it makes them really vulnerable. And I think that the fans, when they see Eve or see Ian or see Kevin, theyíre actually seeing a part of the real person in real life, and I think thatís why they feel close to each character. They feel like theyíre seeing Jon Lindstrom, theyíre seeing a part of Thorsten Kaye, you know?

Digest Online: Whatís interesting is that Eve has been with Kevin and now sheís with Ian -- and Chris also proposed to her. Sheís kind of the It Girl!

Pinson: [Laughs] Thank you, [Head Writer] Barbara Estensten... and all the writers for that! I just thank God. Personally, I think that Eve should go through every man on the show. Julie Pinson thinks that, Ďcause theyíre all really cute! I wouldnít mind, you know? I get to kiss cute boys all the time -- itís really fun.

Digest Online: When you get to go to work, kiss cute guys and get paid for it, thereís just nothing better.

Pinson: Not too bad, man, Iím telling Ďya! Iím the luckiest girl in the world! [Laughs]

Digest Online: At the beginning of the show there was a lot of focus on the interns and the work that they did on a daily basis. Would you like to get back to that a little bit more?

Pinson: I donít know. I think that the show has just evolved out of that. Itís not so much about the hospital anymore; itís just about these peopleís lives. I think that that might be a little more interesting than just seeing them do the ER thing, and I think itís more fun to kind of see what goes on: the gossip and the drama and the loving and stabbing people in the back and that kind of thing.

Digest Online: What do you want to accomplish next on the show?

Pinson: I donít know if this could ever happen now that Eve is so nice and stuff [Laughs], but I kind of want to see Eve delve more into her past and maybe meet her mother or her sister, so you can see where Eve came from. And all the hate that she had in her when she first came on the show, I think it would be nice to see why sheís like that. It would be fun for me to play.

Digest Online: I just have to say that the ad campaign is awesome! And itís all over the place.

Pinson: Oh, I know! I was watching Primetime Live the other night, and all of a sudden I see [an ad for] "Tainted Love." I was like, "Cool!" ABC is really behind the show, which is fantastic. They really believe in the show and thereís good reason to, as far as Iím concerned.

Digest Online: I know you did an episode of Dharma and Greg, which was great. Is that something you want to do more of?

Pinson: Absolutely, yeah! Hell, yeah! [Laughs] Talk to any actor: "Yeah, Iíd love to be on a hit prime time sitcom." It wasnít even that different, because it was almost taped like we tape a soap opera: it was five cameras, and almost like doing a play, like you do on a soap opera. Itís not like film, where it takes a lot more time and thereís a lot more waiting going on. The good thing about Dharma and Greg was that we rehearsed a lot. On PC we tape a show a day, so everythingís really quick. On Dharma I had four days to rehearse my two scenes. Four days to rehearse! Thatís, like, unheard of in daytime. You get 10 minutes of rehearsal and then itís in the can. It was just fun working with everybody and working at a little bit of a different pace.

Digest Online: What are you proudest of during the time that youíve been there?

Pinson: I think it would be the way my work has grown, because when I started I was so green, as they say, and Iíve really gotten a lot more confident in my work. I think that when [the writers] explored Eveís more vulnerable side, like when she married Kevin and fell in love, that was some good stuff and Iím really proud of it. In fact, Pinson is pretty darn proud of her entire cast and crew these days.

Digest Online spoke to the actress on her day off and was shocked to find out that she wasnít entirely pleased -- she feared that PC would be pre-empted in L.A. "Shoot! I think Iím gonna miss the show today, and I wanted to see whatís gonna happen! I donít know whatís going on with everybody elseís storylines, so itís kind of fun to watch it," she explains. Besides, Pinson adds, thatís how you know when a show is only getting better: "Itís your own show and youíre used to it, but you still want to see it everyday. Things are really cool here lately." †††††††