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SOD Dec. 29,1998

Straight Shooter: PC fans know that Eve Lambert is not a woman to mess with - and neither is her portrayer, Julie Pinson. I had a very small role in Starship Troopers, and I had some military training [for the part]," explains the actress.  "So I learned how to shoot weapons and I learned I really enjoyed it. The shotgun was the best; I love that, So when I got back to Los Angeles, I took it up." Smiles Pinson, "It's my new hobby." Ironically, Pinson's newest interest is a far cry from her other hobby - collecting dolls, and I shoot guns. But I don't shoot the Barbie's!" So, can we expect to see Eve shopping for a fashionable holster anytime soon? "With Lucy [Lynn Herring] around?" deadpans Pinson, "Probably."