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What is your favorite comic strip?
"I don't really read the comics anymore, but when I did, it was probably 'Cathy.' Every year of summertime, she goes to try on bathing suits and they never fit [laughs]. And I'm right there, honey! I know what Cathy's going through. And her mother was always bugging her about dating and getting married."  (SOD 6/30/98)
Other than your husband or boyfriend, who's the sexiest man alive?
"Robert Redford. He's got it all - talent, looks, intelligence. He's a fabulous director. I love Al the President's Men, but he looks so good in The Way We Were. And Indecent Proposal? Hell, I'd pay him a million dollars for one night, puh-lease! He's my ultimate favorite." (SOD 8/13/98)
 “My favorite storyline on the show so far was when Serena was in the car accident. It was good, emotional stuff. I like that, because I don’t get very emotional in real life, so it’s nice to get it out. It’s almost therapy to be able to cry and scream and act different than I normally would in real life” (SOU March 2, 1999) 50 Most Beautiful People
NATURAL: “When I worked for Club Med. I traveled to a lot of different, exotic location. Bermuda was my favorite island – specifically, the pink sand beaches.” MAN-MADE: “The temples in Egypt. I was overwhelmed with the workmanship that went into them.”  (SOW March 2,1999)
If you could change anything about your character, what would it be?
:"I think Eve is too nice. I think she went from extreme bitch to extreme nice. Eve is very independent woman and sometimes they're making her to mushy with Ian." (SID July 24, 2001)
 Which character on your show is closest to your personality?
"I would say it would be Alison. She's perky and fun, but independent, like me. She has a sense of humor and is a little spoiled. I'm all of those things."

(SID Sept. 18, 2001)