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Q & As from The Test

Tolerance Test



1. On a long flight, a passenger has body odor. Do you ask to be moved?

JP: Never sat next to one who had body odor but have set next to someone that had way too much perfume I won't asked to be moved but I would (covers up nose with her clothes)


2. You daughter brings home a boy who is tattooed and pierced? Does this bother you?

JP: Well, I would ask my daughter if she was finished with him if I could go out with him (laughs).

I don't see a problem with that at all.


3. Would it bother you if your child had a gay teacher?

JP: No, absolutely not. No that means nothing to me, whatsoever. As long as this person is a qualified teacher.


4. Your child is about to get married to someone with a sizable birthmark on his/her face. Do you A) Not care B) Plastic surgery C) Stop the marriage

JP: Can I do two? Do A/B. I really wouldn't care but I'd also say, hey if you want plastic surgery, here's the money. I live in L.A. I know guys.


5. Your new neighbor has a dog that barks through the night. Do you A) Ear plugs B) Ask them to control the dog C) Call landlord

JP: I'm a total animal lover, and I'm a wuss, and I have this problem. I have noisy neighbors, and I used to have a noisy barking dog next door, and what I did was, bought one of these humidifiers, and at night I turned it on and I cant hear a thing.


6. Have you ever hung up on someone taking your order because they didn't speak English?

JP: yes, and see now that's where I'll be not so tolerant, and when somebody comes to my door and starts spouting, you know, I just... you know.


7. Would it bother you if your boss was a cross dresser?

JP: No, I wouldn't care


8. If you were a non-smoker, would you ask a smoker to put out their cigarette?

JP: If I were a non-smoker, I would


9. Would you say something if your partner used and ethnic slur during a fight?

JP: Absolutely. I don't think that's right at all, that's not where I come from. That's not what I'm about. I'm not afraid to speak up.


10. Do you hate more people than, you like?

JP: No, no I don't. I like more people.



High - When it comes to tolerance, you're one laid back individual. You barely blink an eye at people who differ from the societal norm. You set a might fine example and should do all you can do to nurture this trait.