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SID Jan. 16, 2001

Performer Of The Week


It's been a helluva roller coaster ride for PORT CHARLES's Eve Lambert. Most recently, the luckless heroine was kidnapped with fellow doc Ian, with whom she shares a repressed attraction. During her imprisonment, Eve fought to maintain her fighting spirit, all the while struggling to make sense of ehr increasingly complicated love life.

A powerful moment came when Harris threw Eve's prostitute past back in her face and exposed her secret to Ian. Julie Pinson reflected Eve's shame, and emotion she ordinarily subverts. "I've seen that look in a man's face before," she confessed. "When he knows that you've slept with people for money. He looks at you different. Like he can own you." "Every man?" Ian queried. "There have been exceptions," she replied softly. "I married one of them." With that, a tear rolled down Pinson's cheek, illustrating her wistful love for her husband, Kevin, and her confusion about her growing feelings for Ian.

In PC's three-and-a-half years on the air - and six head writer changes - Pinson has managed to keep the character intact. No matter what inconsistency was thrown at the brassy, sassy doctor, the actress always delivered the goods. This storyline has been no exception, as Pinson masterfully kept eve captivating while in captivity.

Now that she escaped, ironically enough, it appears her troubles are beginning. Talk about a twist of fate.