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SOU May 21, 2002
Julie Pinson On Her Future Plans

Julie Pinson, hot off a five-year run as Eve on Port Charles had been considered for the role of DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Billie, but at press time sources tell Update that negotiations between DAYS and the character's original portrayer, Lisa Rinna, host of an upcoming talk show on SoapNet were still on-going.

    Would Pinson make a dynamic Billie? industry insiders say that she performed an electric screen-test with Peter Reckell, DAYS' Bo Brady.

    "Peter a very nice guy, very sweet and very generous," raves Pinson. "He was right there with me when I did the screen-test. He gave me everything he had."

    It's been reported many times that Pinson and Rinna share a physical resemblance, making Pinson a natural to assume the role. (In fact, Pinson screen-tested for Billie back in 1996 when Rinna vacated the part.) The former PC performer has always taken the comparisons between her and Rinna as the compliment they're meant to be.

    "Heck, I don't think I could be any luckier than to have people say I look like Lisa, " Pinson responds. "I've always taken it as a compliment."

    Pinson is already familiar with many of the DAYS cast. "I love Lauren Koslow and Josh Taylor, (Kate, Roman). We all have the same manager, Michael Bruno, and we've all hung out together. I already feel like we're a family. Everyone was so welcoming to me when I did the screen-test. Ken Corday (DAYS' executive producer) has created such a happy setting over there."

    Pinson not landing in Salem may be because primetime has plans for her. The actress recently guested on an episode of THE DREW CAREY SHOW as Dr. Johnson. "I love taping in front of a live audience. Doing a sitcom is great because you get the immediate feedback from the audience."

    Additionally, pilot season has been keeping Pinson busy. Las season, after her appearance on DHARMA AND GREG, the producers asked Pinson to audition for a new series in development. "I was committed to PC so I wasn't available," shares the actress, who finds the world of laughter enticing after nearly five years of angst and heartache as Eve. "I thought coming off a soap I'd be more drawn to a one-hour dramatic-type series, but I'm really connecting with the sitcom world."

    Which is not to say that Pinson wouldn't love to play Billie or another soap role. "DAYS is a wonderful show," the actress raves.

    And to her PC fans Pinson adds: "Their support has meant the world to me. I'm looking for the next adventure. I love daytime. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen."

-By Michael Maloney