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SID Jan. 8 2002
On The Move

Julie Pinson (Eve) recently found herself knee-deep in boxes, a situation she finds undeniably stressful. "I hate having my house in an uproar," she admits. "I'm the type of person who likes to have everything in its place and my pictures up on the wall." But, the busy lady noted, it was a relief to know it would be the last time she'd have to go through the chaotic process of moving for a long while. "I bought my very first house!" she reveals. The 1930s-era, Spanish style home is Pinson's idea of a dream come true. "It's got three bedrooms, a den and even a pool with a Jacuzzi," says the actress. "I'll have to entertain!" The only downside of her new abode? A disappointing lack of closet space. Fortunately, Pinson's got a friend who can help. "I'm gonna have Nick Pryor (Victor), whose side business is designing closets, come over and take a look and see what he can do with it," she explains. "Because with me being a shopaholic, not having much closet space is really not good!"