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12.25.01 - ABC DAYTIME'S 'PORT CHARLES' STARTS OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH BURNING 'SECRETS,' WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2 Madonna's Hit Song, 'Secret,' Serves as Title Theme Song On Wednesday, January 2, be prepared for mystery, intrigue and suspense when ABC Daytime's Port Charles premieres its sixth book, 'Secrets'. Pop music icon Madonna's 1994 hit single, Secret, serves as the title theme song for the book and sets a compelling tone for a special on-air campaign which kicks off the week of December 24.

'Secrets' begins after a strange phenomenon occurs causing Frank (Jay Pickett) and Karen (Marie Wilson) to drive off the road, followed by the separate arrival of three mysterious women in Port Charles, Amy (Tamara Davies), Paige (Vanessa Branch) and Casey (Joy Bisco). The trio quickly entrench themselves in the lives of everyone in Port Charles. Ethereal and beautiful Paige is someone from Kevin's (Jon Lindstrom) past, which raises more than just a few suspicions from his new wife, Lucy (Lynn Herring). FEISTY AND SPIRITED AMY QUICKLY TAKES TO IAN (Thorsten Kaye) and Eve's (Julie Pinson) hospitality. Livvie (Kelly Monaco) and Jack (Brian Presley) find they have their hands full with troublesome Casey. Gaby's (Ion Overman) brother, Ricky (Eddie Matos) arrives in town, just having recently been released from prison. Rafe (Brian Gaskill) strikes a heavenly deal, ensuring that Jamal (Kiko Ellsworth) and Alison's (Erin Hershey) complications are far from over.