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SID April 30, 2002
Death Becomes Her

Perhaps the only person stunned more then the fans to find out who would be the 5th chair at the end of Secrets, was the seat filler herself-Julie Pinson (Eve).
"I found out right about the time when Ian and Eve were having a lot of problems," the original cast member reveals, admitting that the plot twist was completely unexpected. "Honestly, I hadn't even thought about it! I didn't really feel that I was all that involved in the angel storyline."
A Moment of Silence
Although Eve's friends and family still are struggling to deal with her untimely death, Pinson has had time to adjust, if not go through a public period of mourning.    "We filmed my death on February 11,but it had to be kept secret," the actress says." Of course, the whole cast and crew knew, so how are you going to keep it a secret? But that was the whole point of this story." So hush-hush was Eve's demise that her portrayer never really suspected that her alter ego bound for the great hereafter. "Normally, you don't kill off your heroine," she explains. "You kill someone else. You kill the bad guy."
Moving On
Before Eve's body had time to grow cold, Pinson was hot on the trail of her next gig. "It's weird because I still have to wake up at 5AM every day. I've still got to get my butt in gear and find another job, because my first thought when I got the news was, 'Oh crap, I just bought a house!" I need a vacation," she adds, "but that's the last thing on my mind right now!" Instead, she pounding the pavement. "I'm doing pilot season and auditioning for films, which is exciting for me. I've never really done pilot season before. It's eye-opening, but nice to be getting my name out there." 
Crossing over
Although Pinson is a big fan of the East Coast ("I love New York!), she'd just as soon not have to give up her lovely, newly-purchased home. "Who knows what may happen in the future, but for right now, I'd like to stay in LA," says the born and bred California girl. "I've always been a West Coaster. Heck I've never had to deal with snow!" But should the bright lights of the Big Apple beckon her, she will answer the call. "There are a lot of things to love about New York," she admits. "The shopping...and being about to walk everywhere. Nobody in LA walks!"
Gone, but not Forgotten
Meanwhile, though her run as Eve may have come to an abrupt end, that doesn't mean that Pinson wouldn't welcome another chance to strut her stuff in daytime. "I love soaps," she says. "It's a wonderful way to have a life and stay in one place, as opposed to being a vagabond, which can happen when you're making films. You have a job to go to every day, doing what you love." So as Pinson prepares for the future, she offers a few parting thoughts to her PC followers. "I really want to thank the fans for being so supportive over the years. We all grew up together, and they watched me go through my good times and my bad times, and stuck by me." Considering the fact that angels and vampires have made regular appearances in Port Charles, could Eve someday join the undead parade? "Hey, you never know, "Pinson says with a laugh. "Never say never!"

- Richard M. Simms