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SOW May 29, 2001

Emmy Excitment


The Good Morning America set doesn't interest Julie Pinson and Ion Overman (Eve and Gabriela). When these PC pals hit NY of the Emmys all they want to do is shop! "We've got the city broken down by days,' reported Ion, who planned "to [pay off] my credit card and go with a zero balance. If I max that out, great. But I'm not going to bring my ATM Visa. If I do, I'll never stop using it."
    No doubt, with Julie as her shopping guide. "I told Ion that we're going to break it down to SoHo, the Village, the meat-packing district, and, of course, we've got to do 5th Avenue!" Julie explained. "This is a huge shopping trip. I eve forget the Emmys are going on."
    "Yeah," concurred Ion. "We're not [nominated] or presenting. The Emmys? That a good four house we could be in he stores." "or in a a bar," Julie added. "Thorsten Kaye (Ian) is going to take us to his favorite bar. It's called Prohibition. We're going to go there and have some Irish whiskey."