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SOW Sept. 15, 1998

FORGET ABOUT I LOVE LUCY, L.A. Law or ER. Julie Pinson’s (Eve, PC) favorite TV show of all time is Charlie’s’ Angels. “When I was in grade school, I would play Charlie’s Angels on the school grounds.” She recounts. I was always Sabrina, Kate Jackson. I liked her the best because she was the smart, sexy one. She could do it all.”

            When one of her co-workers found a picture of the original Angels – Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith – in a magazine, they cut it out and gave it to Julie. “I’ve taped it on my dressing room door,” she says, noting there’s another link to her love of the Angels there, too.

            “The flip side of the name tag on my door reads Kate Jackson,” she says. According to Julie, when the PC cast first started working together,” it was like a dorm here. We all decided to take our name tags, turn them over to the blank side and write down different, funny names.”